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Monday, April 1, 2013

Top 10 Grammar Tips for April

10. You whet someone's appetite, you don't wet it.

9. It's the Jones's house; not the Jones' house. It's Chris's bike; not Chris' bike. But it's Jesus' sandal, not Jesus's sandal (He gets a special rule. Historical Deity and all, but also Moses' and Socrates'). 

8. I don't know whether or not to choose Dr. Pepper or Diet Pepsi. WRONG. I don't know whether to choose Dr. Pepper or Diet Pepsi. Only use whether or not if you mean "regardless of whether."  In fact, the choice is easy. Dr. Pepper is delicious and Diet Pepsi is not. Choose Dr. Pepper.

7. (Present tense) You lie down; you don't lay down. You lay your keys on the table. (I'm working on this one.)

6. I couldn't care less. See what that means? It means you couldn't possibly care any less about it. Therefore, I  could care less is incorrect.

5. Supposedly is not pronounced supposubly.

4. Chipotle is pronounced Chi-poat-lay, not Chi-poll-tay.

3. Fustrating is not a word. Please pronounce the r after the f.

2. When writing a quotation, place the "punctuation inside of the quotation."

1. (If you write a complete sentence within parentheses, place the punctuation inside.)


  1. That's a public service if ever I've seen one. Thank you.

  2. #5 and #3 are my personal pet peeves!

    1. Heather, do you find that when someone pronounces it "Fustrating" they really put an emphasis on the "FUUUUH-strating?" I'm with you : )

    2. Are these tips a compilation of things said with your neighbor boys.... (#3 & #5) ;)