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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fake Colored Photographs

I have a problem. I'm not artistic. Once a year I carve a pumpkin in the shape of Mickey Mouse after I direct-draw the face from a picture I steal from the internet. That's the extent of my artistic abilities.

Maybe that's why I have a problem with the check-out-my-incredibly-amazing-photograph that does not at ALL correspond to reality. I'm not talking about the touchup, or even the overhaul; I'm talking about changing the picture from a gray sky to pink, from a round object to square. You might as well just have a blank canvas and draw it yourself.

Maybe we need a new genre of art. Most of the photos are beautiful. I don't have issue with the aesthetic quality at all. It just isn't a photograph.

That will help me feel better about myself. You know, it isn't fun being the guy that looks at something beautiful and says, "that's lame." Now, in my mind, I will just say, "that's an incredibly beautiful thing.  I wonder what that toilet looked like in real life."

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