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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lunch at the Olive Garden

Olive Garden? That's so. . . college student. I know, I know.

In San Antonio, we were all about going to Non-Chain Restaurants. For good reason. They had AWESOME places to eat. Well, now that we're in the middle of nowhere, that is no longer an option, hence the title of this post.

Oh yeah, and we had a $25 gift card.  And a coupon.

First thing is, wow, it's expensive. We went on a Sunday, so even at lunchtime, they gave us the dinner menu.
Second, they are ALL about pushing wine at you. Notice the next time someone makes you go there. There are wine glasses on the table, wine bottles on the table, grape leaves around the restaurant, and NOW they want to give you a sample wine. Jeesh! Leave me alone already. I'd like to sample the Dr. Pepper please, and if it's a bad combination of carbonation to syrup, then I'll order Iced Tea, thankyouverymuch.

Alison and I each ordered a meal, and the plan was to each eat half, and then switch. Well, when you have a skinny wife, this is never good.  She ends up eating 1/4 of each meal, and I end up eating almost 2 whole portions.  Thanks mom and dad for the finish-everything-on-your-plate rule. I still have trouble leaving food, even on other people's plates. After all, it's wasteful (and delicious!).

The citrus chicken turned out to be very tasty, but the pasta primodora was just okay. Will we go back? With a coupon and a gift card? Sure. We might even find a lowly college student to take with us. If they'll go...

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